Neema Children's Home

Giving Hope to Children

Neema Children’s Home was founded in the year 2000 when Pastor John and his wife Adah saw the plight of orphans in their community. They grew as orphans and therefore are well placed to identify and understand the light of orphans. Many children had been orphaned because of the rampant spread of HIV.SIADS as well as post election violence. Pastor John and his wife took orphans into their own home, trusting God alone to provide for their needs. They did this in prayer that God would provide land and be able to build a home. God answered their prayer in the year 2009 when orphans finally got a place to call home.

Our children receive love, care and stability from dorm parents who are committed to showing our kids Christ love, raising them to be respectful, caring, growing their dreams and enabling them to change the World for better for & 40 a month you can sponsor a child today, giving them food, education, healthcare and hope.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to win souls, disciple, teach, train, equip and commission every person under our care into Winning more souls for Christ.