Preaching through Gospel Crusades

Preaching through Gospel Crusades & Church Planting

River Of Life Ministry takes the gospel to remote villages that have never heard of Jesus Christ and if they have heard it was in a cultish abomination of the gospel where tribal beliefs and traditions of witch doctors purify the message. These people, descendants of Adam are lost in darkness with no hope until the good news of Jesus Christ death and resurrection comes in and gives life and purpose.

Since the year 2000 River of Life Ministry supported by partners and well wishers has held gospel campaigns and crusades in remote villages, urban centers as well as cities. Thousands upon thousands of souls have been added in the kingdom of light through the uncompromised, infallible gospel of Christ Jesus. Many people have been healed by the power of God from various sickness and diseases. Others have been set free from the bondage of the enemy.

There are still many areas that are thirsty for the gospel, some have hardly heard about the saving grace of Christ.

Are you passionate about souls? Come and team up with River of Life Ministry to take the gospel to the hurting World. We need prayer partners, volunteers, short-term missionaries, evangelists, pastors to help us accomplish this divine call

Church planting is a significant strategy of bringing gospel of across to different communities. River of Life Ministry uses fresh water model to penetrate deeper into the remote areas. Water is life and when we sink fresh water well in the community, we accompany it by gospel celebrations when we commission it. During the ceremony a whole village turn out to celebrate the water provision  thereby a good platform to share the glorious gospel. Many people come to Christ during these celebrations. We have planted  forty six churches with the support and donations from our states. Help us plant a church in the remote villages by donating towards fresh water well or building material for a village church.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to win souls, disciple, teach, train, equip and commission every person under our care into Winning more souls for Christ.