Inspiring leadership Equipping Pastors

Creating disciples Equipping Pastors

Most Pastors and church leadership in general in this community do not have formal theological trainings. This has hampered the delivery of sound biblical teachings to the congregants. Some churches have become occaltic due to this. It’s the vision of River of Life Ministry to help the church leaders in different churches and denominations to attain the necessary basic biblical knowledge and theology on the course of their duty of dispensing the word of God to their congregants.

The need is still huge; Pastors still need trainings and seminars. It takes 4 days – 14 days to hold this training .Come and help hold these trainings.Its our vision to have a theological school ultimately.

Accomplishing our mission relies on partnerships with people like you. We work with churches, ministries and individuals to support vulnerable communities, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, access to education, and healthcare, fresh water well and planting churches.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to win souls, disciple, teach, train, equip and commission every person under our care into Winning more souls for Christ.